# ProjectService Datatypes

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# Project

Property Type Description
Id Int32 Must be a positive number. Will update a project if Id exists. Default: Int32.MinValue
Enabled Boolean Not in use. Always set to default false. Use GetDeactivatedProjects to get inactive projects
Name String The name of the project
RawName String Deprecated. Ignore this property
NameDisplay ProjectNameType Plain = Just project name. Company_Project = Project Name is set to Company name and Project name. Project_Company = Project name is set to project name and company name.
QuickListed Boolean Determines if project is visible in quick list in GUI
DateChanged DateTime Set by the API. Leave it alone
DateRegistered DateTime Set by the API. Leave it alone
DateStart DateTime When the project starts
DateStop DateTime When the project ends
CustomerId Int32 The customer the project is created for
CustomerName String How the customer name should be displayed in the project
Owner Int32 Read only. This is set to the user of the active session. Typically an API user.
Pipeline Int32 The substatus of a project
TypeId Int32
TypeName String
StatusId Int
StatusName String
NeedApproval TriState
MultiCustomer Boolean
Description String
WorkTypeId Int32
WorkTypeName String
TimeReg TimeRegType
Version Int16 1 = Open project, 2 = Rights managed project
IsFoldersAdded TriState
Participants Int32[]
UseProjectOwnerAsOurReference Boolean(nullable) Specifies if the project owner should be set as Our Reference on invoices

# ProjectShort

Property Type Description
Id Int32
Name String

# ProjectSearch

Property Type Description
CustomerId Int
Search String
ChangedAfter DateTime
StartedAfter DateTime
StartedBefore DateTime
MyProjects Boolean
AllOpenProjects Boolean Can be combined with other search parameters.

# Task

Property Type Description
Id Int32
Name String Name of the task
Description String Description of the task
DateStart DateTime Start date of task
DateStop DateTime Stop date of task
Overtime Decimal Read only, registered hours for overtime
Parent Int If this is a subtask, set Parent to Parent task Id
Priority Int32 0 = low, 1 = normal, 2 = high
Project Int32 Project Id where task is created
ProjectLink Int32 N/A
Estimate Int32 Estimated time for task
Participants Int32[] Int[] is Id from GetPersons
Status Int32? 0 = Not Started, 1 = Ongoing, 10 = Completed, 11 = Canceled
ProjectName String read only, response from GetMyProjectTasks
CategoryId Int32 CategoryId of task. See GetCategories
SubStatus String SubStatus of task

# Participant

Property Type Description
ContactId Int
Name String
Role Role
State Int
StateName ProjectParticipantState

# Role

Property Type Description
Id Int
Name String
Parent Int

# Enums

# ProjectNameType

Name Type Description
Plain String
Company_Project String
Project_Company String

# TriState

Name Type
None String
True String
False String

# TimeRegType

Name Type
Worktype String
Task String

# ProjectParticipantState

Name Type Description
Uknown String
InvitationSent String
Participating String
ProjectInitiater String
Removed String
RemovedBeforeAccept String
InvitationStoppedByReciever String
InvitationStoppedBySender String
InvitationExpired String
InvitationIsResent String
RemovedWhenOpeningProject String
NotInvited String

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