This services creates contacts in 24SevenOffice. The property Id is the primary ID and cannot be specified when creating a new contact. If you specify an Id, this means that you are updating a contact.

It is not possible to create employees through the PersonService.

PersonService WSDL

Data Types


Method Input type Input name Return type Description
AddCategoryToPerson long, int personId, categoryId Adds a CRM Category to a person
RemoveCategoryFromPerson long, int personId, categoryId Removes a CRM Category from a person
GetPersonCategoryList long personId int[] Returns a list of category ids for a specific person
GetPersonArrayCategoryList int[] personIds PersonCategories[] Returns a list of category ids for an array of persons
GetCategoryList Category[] Returns a list of all CRM categories
AddNote NoteData note int Adds a note and returns the Id of the added note
DeleteNote NoteData note Deletes a note
DeleteNoteById int noteId Deletes a note by using the id
GetNotes long personId NoteData[] Gets all notes for a specific person
GetPersonId string consumerPersonNo long Gets 24SevenOffice’s Person Id that corresponds to the given Consumer Person Id
GetPersonIdsByUserName string username long[] Gets a list of Person Ids from a username in 24SO’s system
GetPersons personSearch PersonSearchParameters PersonItem[] Gets a list of persons
GetPersonsDetailed personSearch PersonSearchParameters PersonItem[] Gets a list of persons with more detailed information
SavePerson personItem PersonItem long Saves a person and returns its ID
GetRelationsChangedAfter datetime
MakeRelation relation RelationData bool Insert/update relationdata between a company and a contact.