Sales opportunities are recorded on the Company card to keep track of communication and actions with the customer throughout the sales process.

SalesOppService WSDL

Data Types


Method Input type Return type Description
DeleteSalesOpp SalesOpp Deletes a sales opp
DeleteSalesOppById Int Deletes a sales opp by its ID
GetSalesOppSteps - SalesOppStep[] Gets a list of SalesOpp steps
GetSalesOppTypes - SalesOppType[] Gets a list of SalesOpp types
GetSalesOpps SalesOppSearch SalesOpp[] Gets a list of SalesOpps based on search parameters
SaveSalesOpp SalesOpp Saves a new or edits an existing Sales Opp
GetSources - CRMSource[] Gets all sources
GetCampaigns - Campaign[] Gets all campaigns