To use this service, you need to log in using the new Authenticate Service under the domain.

This service is mainly used to retrieve a list of journal transactions by using the GetTransactions method. Please note that you need to set the end date time to 23:59:59:59 in order to include all transactions of the end date rather than setting the date time to 00:00:00.

TransactionService WSDL

Data types

Properties and Search Parameters

The LinkId provides information on links between e.g. invoices, credit notes and payments. Please note that the LinkId is updated every time a new link is made between transactions. This means that you cannot rely on previously used LinkIds when searching for updates on invoice payments. (For example, an invoice is being linked with a part payment and gets LinkId 1. Another payment is made and all the linked transactions now have the LinkId 2). When looking for payments of invoices, the systemtypes Payment and CreditnoteCustomer.

The DateSearchParameters lets you choose if DateStart and DateEnd should use EntryDate or DateChangedUTC. EntryDate is the default value and returns all entries/transactions in the given date range, while DateChangedUTC gives you all transactions what have been updated. This means that you can search for all transactions that have been created or updated within a given date range.

This makes it easy to e.g. find new payments that are linked to a transactions within a given time frame by simply searching for any updated transactions and checking their LinkIds for payment details.


Method Input type Input name Return type Description
GetTransactionTypes TransactionType[] Returns a list of transaction types
GetTransactions TransactionSearchParameters searchParams Transaction[] Returns a list of transactions
GetAggregated DateTime, Dimension[], Int16[], PeriodType, Boolean startDate, dimensions, accountNos, periodType, returnIB AggregatedData[] Returns aggregated data based on input parameters. The date range is from the specified start date until the end of that fiscal year. Dimensions are required, but account numbers are not. If you supply an empty array (or null) the aggregated data will be the sum of all accounts. If you do not set the period type, balance and IB per period will not be returned. You have to specify that you want Incoming Balance returned.