WebService for administration of files on the file area and the project files.

The WebService is divided into two parts. FileService for uploading and downloading of files, and FileInfoService for information about categories and files.

FileService WSDL

FileInfoService WSDL

Data Types


The Webservice uses AutenticateService


Uploading a new file

In order to upload a new file, determin where the file should be located. For this the GetFolderContentInfo should be used to get e.g. the FolderId needed. To start a file upload call AppendChunk. The response contains a tmpId that is used for the subsequent file chunk uploads. Once all the data have been transmitted, call the Save method with the tmpId and the FileInfo (filename, FolderId) to save the file.

Updating a file

To update a file. Delete the file and then reupload it.

Deleting a file

To delete a file, call the Delete method and specifying the FileId and the FolderId.

Please note: The Delete methods requires administrator privileges. To get these rights contact our support at

Getting folder and file info

You use the GetFolderContentInfo method to get information about files and folders.

Please note: When using the search parameters, ProjectId will take precedence over FolderId so these cannot be combined. First you would search for ProjectId information and then use the return data to get specific FolderId data without adding the ProjectId as a search parameter.



Method Input type Return type Description
GetMaxRequestLength - Long Uploading
AppendChunk AppendChunk String Uploading
AppendChunkByLength AppendChunkByLength String Uploading
Save Save Void Save the appended file
PrepareFileDownload PrepareFileDownload GetFileInfo Downloading
DownloadFileChunck DownloadFileChunck Byte[] Downloading
HashFile HashFile Byte[] Uploading and Downloading
EndFileDownload EndFileDownload Void Downloading


Method Input type Return type Description
GetFolderContentInfo Parameters GetFolderContentInfoResult Gets the location of the files/folders
ReleaseFile ReleaseFile Boolean
Delete Delete Boolean Deletes the specified file/folder
GetFileInfo GetFileInfo File
FileSize FileSize Int