WebService for administration of files on the file area.

The WebService is divided into two parts. One for information about categories and files, and one for uploading and downloading of files.

FileService WSDL

FileInfoService WSDL

Data Types


The Webservice uses AutenticateService

Uploading a new file

In order to upload a new file, you need to determine where the file should be located. For this you can use GetFolderContentInfo to get e.g. the FolderId you need. To start a file upload you call AppendChunk. You will then get a tmpId in return that you will use for the subsequent file chunk uploads. Once you have transmitted all your data, you call the Save method with the tmpId and the FileInfo (filename, FolderId…).

Updating a file

You need to delete and then reupload a file if you wish to update it.

Deleting a file

You can delete a file by calling the Delete method and specifying the FileId and the FolderId.


File Service

Method Input type Input name Return type Description
GetMaxRequestLength long Uploading
AppendChunk TmpId, Buffer, Offset string, byte[], long string Uploading
AppendChunkByLength TmpId, Buffer, BufferLength, Offset string, byte[], int, long string Uploading
Save TmpId, FileInfo string, File void Uploading
PrepareFileDownload FileId, FolderId, CheckOut int, int, bool GetFileInfo Downloading
DownloadFileChunck TmpId, ChunckNum string, int byte[] Downloading
HashFile TmpId string byte[] Uploading and Downloading
EndFileDownload TmpId string Downloading

File Info Service

Method Input type Input name Return type Description
GetFolderContentInfo Parameters FileInfoSearch Folder
ReleaseFile FolderId, FileId int, int bool
Delete FolderId, FileId int, int bool
GetFileInfo FolderId, FileId int, int File
FileSize FolderId, FileId int, int int