ProjectService WSDL

Data Types



The only required property when creating a new project is Name. If you don't specify an Id, the system will generate one. You can specify your own project Id, if you set an existing project Id then your request will update the existing project.

Please note: The property Owner cannot be set, it will always be set to the currently authenticated user in the integration


You must set the following properties: Name, ProjectId, DateStart and DateStop. Ids are set by the system. If you specify an Id this means that you are updating an existing task.

Below you’ll find a description of all the available fields:

Properties Type Description
Id Int Set by the system
Name String Name of the task
Description String Description of the task
DateStart Datetime Start date of task
DateStop Datetime Stop date of task
OverTime Int Read only, registered hours of overtime
Parent Int If this is a subtask, set Parent to Parent Task Id
Priority Int 0 = low, 1 = normal, 2 = high
Project Int Project Id where task is created
ProjectLink N/A
WorkTypeId Int Type of work. Use Id from TimeService -> GetWorkTypeList
Estimate Int Estimated time for task
Registered Int Read only, registered hours
Participants Int[] int is Id from PersonService -> GetPersons


Method Input type Return type Description
GetProjectNameList - ProjectShort[] Gets a list of the name and id of all projects
GetProjectList ProjectSearch Project[] Gets a list of all projects
GetProjectsDetailed ProjectSearch Project[] Gets a list of all projects with additional data
GetSingleProject Int Project Gets a single project by id
GetProjectTasks Int Task[] Returns a list of tasks for a specific project
GetMyProjectTasks - Task[] Returns a list of the currently logged in user’s tasks
SaveProjectTask Task Saves a task.
GetProjectRoles - Role[] Returns a list of project roles
GetProjectStatuses - Status[] Returns a list of project statuses
GetProjectTypes - KeyValuePair[] Returns a list of project types. Key = Type Id, Value = Type Name
SaveProject Project Int Creates a new or edits an existing project
GetPipeLines Project KeyValuePair[]
GetProjectParticipants ProjectIds (int[]),
ChangedAfter (DateTime)
ProjectParticipants[] Returns a list of project participants