# ProjectService

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Data Types

# Guides

# Save Project

The only required property when creating a new project is Name. If you don't specify an Id, the system will generate one. You can specify your own project Id, if you set an existing project Id then your request will update the existing project.


Please note: The property Owner cannot be set, it will always be set to the currently authenticated user in the integration


Please note: The property Enabled is always set to false (for legacy reasons). You can get active projects with the GetProjectsDetailed and GetProjectList methods and the inactive projects with the GetDeactivatedProjectNameList and GetDeactivatedProjects methods. So the Enabled property should be ignored in all cases and is always set to its default value false

# Save Project Task

You must set the following properties: Name, ProjectId, DateStart and DateStop. Task Ids are set by the system. If you specify an Id this means that you are updating an existing task.

# Methods

Method Input type Return type Description
GetProjectNameList (opens new window) - ProjectShort[] Gets a list of the name and id of all projects
GetProjectList (opens new window) ProjectSearch Project[] Gets a list of all projects
GetProjectsDetailed (opens new window) ProjectSearch Project[] Gets a list of all projects with additional data
GetSingleProject (opens new window) Int Project Gets a single project by id
GetProjectTasks (opens new window) Int Task[] Returns a list of tasks for a specific project
GetMyProjectTasks (opens new window) - Task[] Returns a list of the currently logged in user’s tasks
SaveProjectTask (opens new window) Task Saves a task.
GetProjectRoles (opens new window) - Role[] Returns a list of project roles
GetProjectStatuses (opens new window) - Status[] Returns a list of project statuses
GetProjectTypes (opens new window) - KeyValuePair[] Returns a list of project types. Key = Type Id, Value = Type Name
SaveProject (opens new window) Project Int Creates a new or edits an existing project
GetPipeLines (opens new window) Project KeyValuePair[]
GetProjectParticipants (opens new window) ProjectIds (int[]),
ChangedAfter (DateTime)
ProjectParticipants[] Returns a list of project participants
GetCategories (opens new window) KeyValue[] Returns a list of Project Task Categories