Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get all data from a service?

We generally encourage you to limit the amount of data fetched, but in the instances where you need to fully sync data you can use the ChangedAfter search parameter (or similarily named DateTime search parameter in a service) and set the date sufficiently back in time to ensure that you get all available data.

Is there any rate limiting on API calls?

The rate limit for API calls is 7200 requests per hour

I'm authenticated when requesting service X, but it fails when requesting service Y?

Our APIs are on two separate domains: and Please make sure that your session cookie has been added to both domains. An snippet in C# that adds cookie to all subdomains:

	cookieContainer.Add(new Cookie("ASP.NET_SessionId", sessionId) { Domain = "" }

Do I need a new ApplicationId to gain access to client X?

No, ApplicationIds are used for identifying an integration and is not tied to any specific clients in 24SevenOffice. Client access is managed through the credentials (email and password) that are used in the Login request. In order to get access to a specific client, the customer needs to provide you with the proper credentials.


Information on planned downtime can be found on Twitter

Information about setting up a demo client

Increase demo client period

Contact 24SevenOffice Support at:


Can I download or upload attachments to Invoices?

No, this is not available through the API. You can download PDFs of generated invoices, but any attachments are not available.

Can't find the PaymentAmount field when I use GetInvoices?

This field is only used with the SaveInvoices method when registering invoices as paid when they are created.


AccountService - I’m getting error message "Could not finish last Bundle! iError:2" in response from SaveBundleList

Please make sure that the accounting year has been defined in the client’s Accounting setup. You can read more in our help article on accounting settings

AccountService - I'm getting error message "Attachment is posted in the journal" in response from SaveBundleList

The StampNo that is used in your request has already been used and can't have any more entries added to it.