Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can I get all data from a service?
  • We generally encourage you to limit the amount of data fetched, but in the instances where you need to fully sync data you can use the ChangedAfter search parameter (or similarily named DateTime search parameter in a service) and set the date sufficiently back in time to ensure that you get all available data.
  1. Is there any rate limiting on API calls?
  • The rate limit for API calls is 7200 requests per hour
  1. Can I download or upload attachments to Invoices?
  • No, this is not available through the API. You can download PDFs of generated invoices, but any attachments are not available.


  1. I’m getting error message “Could not finish last Bundle! iError:2” when trying to use AccountService – SaveBundleList
  • Please make sure that the accounting year has been defined in the client’s Accounting setup.