TemplateService DataTypes

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Property Type Description
TemplateId Int32
Name String
MultipleValues Boolean? True if it is possible to save multiple values (displayed as a list), else false
Types TemplateType[] Returns a list of associated id types (Customer, Contact, Lead, etc)


Property Type Description
FieldId Int32
TemplateId Int32
Type TemplateTypeField
Description String
Name String
ShowMultiple Boolean?
IsRequired Boolean?
DefaultValue String The default value of the field


Property Type Description
FieldId Int32
Value String Date values must be XML-formatted (yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ssZ)
OrderId Int32 Order in the list for multiple value forms. Use 1 for non-multiple value forms.
TemplateId Int32
Id Int32 Unique Id of the type (for instance Customer Id or Project Id)
IdType TemplateType


TemplateTypeField Id
None 0
String 1
Integer 2
Boolean 3
SelectBoxInt 4
SmallDateTime 5
SelectBoxYear 6
SelectBoxEmployee 7
TextArea 8
Currency 9
EmptyLine 10
SelectBoxCountry 11
TextBoxPercent 12
TextBoxUrl 13
TableHeader 14
Fieldset 15
CheckBoxOption 17
Image 18
HiddenString 19
HiddenNumeric 20
SelectBoxCustom 21
HiddenDateTime 22
TextBoxFloat 23
TextBoxDate 25
SelectBoxContactRole 26
SelectBoxProduct 27
AutoNumber 28
TemplateType Id
None 0
Customer 1
Contact 2
Project 3
ProjectContact 4
Consumer 5
Web 6
Lead 7
Order 8

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