# AttachmentService Datatypes

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# ImageFile

Property Type Description
Id Int This is set to the Id you get in response from your request to Create
Type Type
StampNo Int Read only. Not in use when saving data
StampMeta KeyValuePair Read only. Not in use when saving data
FrameInfo ImageFrameInfo[]
ContactId Int[] Read only. Lists the approvers of an attachment

# Type

Property Type Description
Type Enum Unknown, WMF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPEG. PDF files are not supported.

# KeyValuePair

Property Type Description
Key String
Value String

# Location

Property Type Description
Location Retrieval, Scanning, Journal Can be set to either Retrieval or Journal. If location is set to Retrieval the image will show up in the inbox in the Retrieval Module in 24SevenOffice and if it is set to Journal the image is posted directly as journal data and will skip the inbox.

The option Scanning is not implemented and may not be used.

# ImageFrameInfo

Property Type Description
Id Int Should be set to 1.
Uri String This is not in use. Leave it unset.
StampNo Int Should be set to the current Stamp Number you wish to use. If you’re adding images to an existing StampNo simply set the value. If you wish to store an image with a new Stamp Number you can get the next available StampNo with the GetStampNo (opens new window) method.
MetaData MetaData[]
Status Int This is not in use and does not need to be set. If your framework forces you to set a value here, simply set it to 0.

# MetaData

Property Type Description

# Parameters

Property Type Description
StampNo Int[]
FileId Int[]
AttachmentRegisteredAfter DateTime
AttachmentChangedAfter DateTime
HasStampNo Boolean
FileApproved Boolean
AttachmentStatus FlagType[]

# FlagType

Property Type Description
FlagType Enum None, Assigned, Approved, Declined, Archived, Distributed, PrepostedInJournal, PostedInJournal


Please note: MetaData is useful when location is set to Retrieval. The meta data can then be used to populate the corresponding fields in the Retrieval Module. Please note that meta data is not automatically populated if you also specify a Stamp Number (StampNo), the image has to be moved from the inbox in the retrieval to the list of images that you are currently working on.

Please contact our support if you have any specific questions about meta data: apisupport@24sevenoffice.com

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