# CompanyService Datatypes

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# Company

Property Type Description
APIException APIException Used to inform you of errors when using the API (for instance, a save error). Not a specifiable return property.
Id Int32
ExternalId String
OrganizationNumber String Max length 20 characters
Name String Max length 200 characters
FirstName String Max length 50 characters, only in use on Company Type ‘Consumer’
NickName String Max length 200 characters
Addresses Addresses
PhoneNumbers PhoneNumbers
EmailAddresses EmailAddresses
Url String Max length 255 characters
Country String Two letter country code
Note String Max length 1 073 741 823 characters
InvoiceLanguage String Two letter country code
Type Enum None, Lead (deprecated), Consumer, Business or Supplier
Username String N/A
Password String N/A
IncorporationDate DateTime
DateCreated DateTime
Status Int32
PriceList Int32
Owner Int32
BankAccountNo String Must be a valid Bank Account Number
BankAccountType String Available values: iban, bban, postgiro, bankgiro
BankAccountCountry String ISO 3166 country code
BankAccountBic String Valid BIC Code
TermsOfDeliveryId Int32
AccountDebit Int16
AccountCredit Int16
Discount Decimal
TypeGroup Int32
ShareCapital Decimal
NumberOfEmployees Int32
Turnover Decimal NOT IN USE
Profit Decimal NOT IN USE
IndustryId Int32
MemberNo Int32
DateChanged DateTime
BlockInvoice Boolean
Relations Relation[]
Maps CompanyMap[] (ConsumerCompanyNo)
DistributionMethod Enum Default, Unchanged, Print, EMail, ElectronicInvoice
CurrencyId String Default: LOCAL
PaymentTime Int16 Default (no change): Int16.MinValue
>=1: number of days
0: no credit time
-1: end of month + 30 days
-2: end of month + 60 days
-3: end of month + 90 days
-4: end of month
-5:end of month + 45 days
If the value received is less than the negative values in the above list it is set to "end of month + custom(egendefinert) where you have to subtract the value from 10000 to receive the value. Example: you receive -9940. Then you need to subtract that value from 10000 to get the result of end of month+ 60 days.
GLNNumber String Default value: “”. To set GLNNumber to the value NULL, the value in your request should be set to the string value NULL. Max length 13 characters
Factoring Boolean
LedgerCustomerAccount Int16 The account number used for the customer ledger
LedgerSupplierAccount Int16 The account number used for the supplier ledger
VatNumber String
Private Boolean False = "visible to all", true = "visible to owner"
ExplicitlySpecifyNewCompanyId Boolean Set companyId explicitly

# CompanySearchParameters

Property Type Description
CompanyId Int32
CompanyIds Int32[] Submit a list of Company Ids. Limited to 1000 Ids in one request.
ExternalId String
CompanyName String
ChangedAfter DateTime
CompanyEmail String
CompanyPhone String
OrganizationNumber String

# ReturnProperties

The return properties consists of an array of Strings. You write in the name of the property you wish to receive on the response from the service. Example below:


# APIException

Property Type Description
Type String The type of error message. Can be: CompanyNotDeleted, CompanyNotSaved, BankAccountException
Message String Error message
StackTrace String Stacktrace of the error

# Relation

Property Type Description
ContactId Int32
CompanyId Int32
FirstName String
LastName String
Role String
RoleId Int32
PhoneNumbers PhoneNumbers
EmailAddresses EmailAddresses
Fax String

# CompanyMap

Property Type Description
MapType Int32 You use MapType to specify a type of mapping. This is useful if you are mapping several external Id’s where the ExternalId is not enough.
ExternalId String Max length 50 characters
CompanyId Int32 Company Id

# Category

Property Type Description
Id Int32 Category Id
Name String Category Name
ShowContact Boolean
ShowCompany Boolean

# Group

Property Type Description
Id Int32
Name String
Type Int32
Members GroupMember[]
Children Group[]

# GroupMember

Property Type Description
Id Int32
RoleName String
FirstName String
LastName String

# syncSearchParameters

Property Type Description
Page Int32 The page you want to get. Starting on 1
Active bool Not set = get active and inactive Companies
ChangedAfter dateTime
RegisteredAfter dateTime

# GetCompanySyncListResult

Property Type Description
CurrentPage long The current page
TotalPages long Total number of pages in the result set
TotalItems long Total items in the result set
ItemsPerPage long Set to 1000

# SyncCompany

Property Type Description
CompanyId Int32
ExternalId string
DateChanged dateTime
DateRegistered dateTime
Active bool

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