InvitationService WSDL

Data Types

InvitationService has the following methods: – GetInvitations (InvitationSearch) which gets a list of all invitations for the current logged in community user. Parameter for this method is of type InvitationSearch where you specify State and Direction. Returned information: State, Id, Title, Type, Date, ReceiverName, ReceiverEmail, SenderName and SenderEmail. The user can then use either AcceptInvitation or RejectInvitation on a invitation id.

– AcceptInvitation(Guid id) which accepts the invitation with the specified Invitatiton Id.

– RejectInvitation(Guid id) which rejects the invitation with the specified Invitatiton Id.

– ShareProject(int contactId, int projectId, int roleId, string email) which invites a contact to a project. See ProjectService to get a list of roles.

Methods Input Type Input Name
GetInvitations InvitationSearch invitationSearch
AcceptInvitation Guid Id invitationId
RejectInvitation Guid Id invitationId
ShareProject ShareProjectDeatiled shareProjectDeatils