Property Type Description
LinkId int Optional, default: Int32.MinValue
InvoiceNo string Optional
DateSearchParameters DateSearchParameters Required (default value is set), default: EntryDate
ShowOpenEntries Boolean? Optional, default: null
DateStart DateTime Required
DateEnd DateTime Required
ProjectId int Optional, default: Int32.MinValue
DepartmentId int Optional, default: Int32.MinValue
AccountNoStart short Optional, default: Int16.MinValue
AccountNoEnd short Optional, default: Int16.MinValue
TransactionNoStart int Optional, default: Int32.MinValue
TransactionNoEnd int Optional, default: Int32.MinValue
TransactionTypeId int Optional, default: Int32.MinValue
SystemType Office24Seven.Library.Economy.Accounting.TransactionSystemType? Optional, default: null
RegisteredAfter DateTime Optional, default: DateTime.MinValue
HasInvoiceId Boolean Optional, default: null (XML nil)
CustomerId int Optional, default: Int32.MinValue


Property Type Description
Turnover bool
Title string
No int
Id int




Property Type Description
Date DateTime
AccountNo short
Currency string
CurrencyRate Decimal
CurrencyUnit short
Amount Decimal
StampNo int
Period byte
TransactionTypeId int
Comment string
CompanyId int Obsolete: Use Dimensions
ProjectId int Obsolete: Use Dimensions
DepartmentId int Obsolete: Use Dimensions
TransactionNo int
VatCode short
Id Guid
LinkId int Provides information between Transactions. Please note that the LinkId is changed every time a new link is made between transactions.
InvoiceNo string
SequenceNo short
SystemType TransactionSystemType InvoiceCustomer, CreditnoteCustomer, DifferenceOutbound, Disbursment, InvoiceSupplier, CreditnoteSupplier, Payment, DifferenceInbound, Miscellaneous, CashSale, ReminderFee, ReminderNote
DueDate DateTime
Dimensions Dimension[]
RegistrationDate DateTime
OCR string KID number
Open boolean Specifies whether a transaction is open or closed
Hidden boolean Specifies whether a transaction is hidden in the system or not
DateChanged DateTime


Property Type Description
Type DimensionType None, Department, Project, Employee, Product, Customer
Name String
Value String
Percent Decimal
TypeId Int


Property Type Description
IncomingBalance Decimal
TotalBalance Decimal
Periods Office24Seven.WebService.KeyValuePair[] Key = Period, Value = Sum
Dimension Dimension
AccountNo Int16