Property Type Description
Id Int32 Must be a positive number. Will update a project if Id exists. Default: Int32.MinValue
Enabled Boolean
Name string
RawName string
NameDisplay Office24Seven.Library.CRM.ProjectNameType
QuickListed Boolean
DateChanged DateTime
DateStart DateTime
DateStop DateTime
CustomerId Int32
CustomerName String
Owner Int32
Pipeline Int32  The substatus of a project
TypeId Int32
TypeName String
StatusId int
StatusName String
NeedApproval Common.Enum.TriState
MultiCustomer Boolean
Description String
WorkTypeId Int32
WorkTypeName String
TimeReg Office24Seven.Library.CRM.TimeRegType
Version Int16 1 = Open project, 2 = Rights managed project
IsFoldersAdded Common.Enum.TriState



Property Type Description
Id Int32
Name string



Property Type Description
CustomerId int
Search string
ChangedAfter DateTime
StartedAfter DateTime
StartedBefore DateTime
MyProjects bool
AllOpenProjects bool Can be combined with other search parameters.


Property Type Description
Id Int32
Name string
Description string
DateStart DateTime
DateStop DateTime
Overtime decimal
Parent int
Priority Int32
Project Int32
ProjectLink Int32
Status Int32? 0 = Not Started, 1 = Ongoing, 10 = Completed, 11 = Canceled