Property Type Description
AccountId int
AccountNo short
AccountName string
AccountTax int
TaxNo string



Property Type Description
Error ErrorType Enum: OK, Account_dont_exists, Name_dont_match



Property Type Description
CustomerId int Default: 0
AccountId int Default: 0
Date DateTime
DueDate DateTime
Amount decimal Default: 0.0
CurrencyId string
CurrencyRate decimal Default: 1.0
CurrencyUnit short Default: 1
DepartmentId int Default: 0
ProjectId int Default: 0
InvoiceReferenceNo string
InvoiceOcr string
TaxNo int
Period short Default: 0
Comment string
StampNo int Default: 0
BankAccountNo string


Property Type Description
TransactionNo int
entryList Entry[]
Sort int TransactionType. Overrides the Bundle.Sort. The Id from
GetTransactionTypes is used. Ignored when saveoption = 0


Property Type Description
TaxMappingGroup Guid Default: Guid.Empty
bundleList Bundle[]
SaveOption int This decides whether to save as a bundle or to directly post it in journal. 0 to post directly, 1 to bundle (posting). Default: 1
DirectLedger int This decides whether to use the ledger settings of the customer. Default: 0
DefaultCustomerId int CustomerId used if none is set in an Entry
AllowDifference int Allow difference in credit/debit balance. This is only applicable when saving bundle data (see SaveOption above). Default: 0
DefaultCustomerId int  Default CustomerId that is used if CustomerId is not set on one or more entries.
sysLog LogType Default: none
sysAsyncLogId Guid
sysAsyncLogDescription string


Property Type Description
YearId int Fiscal year
voucherList Voucher[]
Sort int Can be defined for either Bundle or Voucher. The Id from
GetTransactionTypes is used. Ignored when saveoption = 0
Name string The name of the bundle. Ignored when saveoption = 0
BundleDirectAccounting bool


Property Type Description
TypeId int
TypeNo int
Title string
EntrySeriesID int



Property Type Description
GroupId Guid
Name string
Description string
IsTemplate bool
elementList TaxMappingElements[]



Property Type Description
Symbol string
TaxNo int



Property Type Description
TaxId int
TaxNo string
TaxName string
TaxRate decimal
AccountNo int